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I. Multiple Choice (Choose the word or phrase that best complete the sentence, 10%)

( )1. ______to becoming Professor of Law at Oxford he spent five years at Harvard.

A. Prior

B. Before

C. Previously

D. Preceding

( )2. The bomb disposal team _____ the bomb with only seconds to spare.

A. defused

B. pacified

C. rendered

D. dismantled

( )3. Jane bought some ______magazines to read on the train.

A. flashy

B. glossy

C. bright

D. sparkling

( )4. To attend the seminar you must pay a_________ of $120.

A. price

B. cost

C. charge

D. fee

( )5. His colleagues got very annoyed with his frequent ___of temper.

A. outbreaks

B. losses

C. outbursts

D. extremes

( )6. One reason why he succeeded is _______ he worked hard.

A. because

B. that

C. obvious

D. due to

( )7. The old ______that took them to the island was not very comfortable.

A. engine

B. ferry

C. pier

D. car

( )8. His football career ________to abrupt halt after he was injured.

A. went

B. Came

C. brought

D. dropped

( )9. He spoke a few ________ words in French and was applauded loudly.

A. stumbling

B. limping

C. fumbling

D. hobbling

( )10. It\'s only a small flat but it _____my needs perfectly.

A. settles

B. meets

C. supplies

D. fills

( )11. The _____of a correspondent can easily distort the content of a news report.

A. appetite

B. degrees

C. paradise

D. bias

( )12. The president should appoint ______he thinks can do the job the most adequately.

A. whoever

B. whomever

C. who

D. whom

( )13. _______people depend to such a great extent on forests, every effort must be made to

preserve trees and wildlife.

A. How

B. Since

C. That

D. What

( )14. The drunken men were arrested for causing a(n) ______ in the street.

A. disturbance

B. crisis

C. lawless

D. illegibility

( )15. The lawyer demanded that the case ________ postponed for a month.

A. was

B. is

C. must be

D. be

( )16. I utterly ________your argument. In my opinion, you have distorted the facts.

A. confound

B. dispute

C. decline

D. refute

( )17. I can lend you five pounds to help you ______until you\'ve hand time to go to the bank.

A. by

B. up

C. on

D. out

( )18. There\'s no point in telephoning him. He\'s certain __________by now.

A. to leave

B. to have left

C. left

D. immerse

( )19. The electronic anti-theft device was far from easy to ________in my car.

A implant

B install

C. insert

D. immerse

( )20. He was _______of forgery and sentenced to two years in prison.

A. charged

B. convicted

C. accused

D. confirmed

II. Fill in each blank with an appropriate word by adding to the supplied word the necessary prefix or suffix or both as is required: (10%)

Model: He made_____(remit) efforts to improve the general welfare of his community.


1. No one who has read this book will not be impressed by the author\'s_____(bound) imagination. ________________

2. He is expected to speak to the _______(assemble) this evening. ________________

3. A small amount of cake _____(sufficient) the baby. ________________

4. Behind her ______(impassive) lay deep anxiety. ________________

5. This jacket is _______(reverse). ________________

6. From this ______position, the scouts can observe three roads. (advantage) ________________

7. The _____ (bury) of the political activists shot by the police was done early in the morning, without a ceremony. ________________

8. Out of _____ (vain), a student sometimes studies only so that he can prove in class the professor is wrong just to be showing off. ________________

9. He _______ indulged himself in drinking and smoking.(consume) ________________

10.\"Unfortunately, the disease is _____.\" the doctor said.(cure) ________________

III. Reconstruct the following sentences, using the words in capitals20%)

1. A high standard of customer service is the reason for the company\'s success.


2. He decided to make Edinburgh his permanent home.


3. He became an extremely popular singer.


4. I don\'t think that Mary is able to accept criticism.


5. Work done before 9 a.m. isn\'t overtime.


6. He is easy to understand because he has a very clear voice.


7. This is found especially in places which offer high wages.


8. Your amin should be to bring all the children in your class up to a certain level.


9. It was so vital a matter that we called an urgent meeting.


10. Nothing more can be said about the way Peter behaved.


IV. Correct or improve the following sentences without changing their meaning10%)

1. John slipped and fell while catching the ball on his back.

2. Mr. Smith sold that painting at a considerately higher price than he had paid for it.

3. I\'ll be going to school on foot while my bicycle has been repaired.

4. We insist the Smiths are told about that matter.

5. Jack is one of those boys who enjoys fierce competition.

6. Only once John was late to class.

7. By the time he takes the final examinations, he has attended more than 600 lectures in

this academic year.

8. Comparing with this, that is but a matter of minor importance.

9. My friend has spent four years studying at a teachers\' college. He seems learning a lot during those years.

10. Whether or not the new plan will yield any results are remained to be seen.

V. Cloze test (Fill each of the numbered blanks with one suitable word,10%)

Now that smoking is considered to be very dangerous to the health, it is especially difficult for children to (1)____ cigarettes or tobacco. Our tobacconist, Mr Soames, has always been very careful (2)_____this. If his customers are very (3)______, he always asks them whom the cigarettes are (4)_______.

One day, a little girl whom he had never seen (5)____walked boldly into his shop and demanded twenty cigarettes. She had the (6)_____amount of money in her hand and seemed very sure (7)____herself. Mr Soames was so surprised by her (8)________manner that he (9)_______to ask his usual question. (10)_____, he asked her (11)____kind of cigarettes she wanted. The girl replied promptly and handed him the money. While he was giving her the cigarettes, Mr Soames said laughingly that (12)____she was so young she should hide the packet in her pocket in (13)_______a policeman saw it. However, the little girl did not seem to find this very funny. (14)_________even smiling she took the packet and walked towards the door. Suddenly she stopped, (15)___round, and looked steadily at Mr Soames. There was a moment\'s deathly (16)______and the (17)_________ wondered what she was going to say.(18)___________at once, (19)_______a clear, solemn voice, the girl declared, \'My dad is a policeman ,\'and (20_______that she walked quickly out of the shop.

(1)____________ (11)____________

(2)____________ (12)____________

(3)____________ (13)____________

(4)____________ (14)____________

(5)____________ (15)____________

(6)____________ (16)____________

(7)____________ (17)____________

(8)____________ (18)____________

(9)____________ (19)____________

(10)___________ (20)____________

VI. Reading Comprehension (Read the following passage carefully and then do the multiple choice Question, 10%)

To be or not to be a vegetarian

A strict vegetarian is a person who never in his life eats anything derived from animals. The main objection to vegetarianism on a long-term basis is the difficulty of getting enough protein - the body-building element in food. If you have ever been without meat or other animal foods for some days of weeks (say, for religious reasons) you will have noticed that you tend to get physically rather weak. You are glad when the fast is over and you get your reward of a succulent meat meal.

Proteins are built up from approximately twenty food elements called \'amino-acids\', which are found more abundantly in animal protein than in vegetable protein. This means you have to eat a great deal more vegetable than animal food in order to get enough of these amino-acids. A great deal of the vegetable food goes to waste in this process and from the physiological point of view there is not much to be said in favour of life long vegetarianism.

The economic side of the question, though, must be considered. Vegetable food is much cheaper than animal food. However, since only a small proortion of the vegetable protein is useful for body-building purposes, a consistent vegetarian, if he is to gain the necessary 70 grams of protein a day, has to consume a greater bulk of food than his digestive organs can comfortably deal with. It fairness, though, it must be pointed out than vegetarians claim they need far less than 70 grams of protein a day.

Whether or not vegetarianism should be advocated for adults, it is definitely unsatisfactory for growing children, who need more protein than they can get from vegetable sources. A lactovegetarian deit, which includes milk and milk products such as cheese, can, however, be satisfactory as long as enough milk and milk products are consumed.

Meat and cheese are the best sources of usable animal protein and next come milk, fish and eggs.

Slow and careful cooking of meat makes it more digestible and assists in the breaking down of the protein content by the body. When cooking vegetables, however, the vitamins, and in particular the water-soluble vitamin C, should not be lost hrought over-cooking.

With fruit, vitamin loss is negligible, because the cooking water is normally eaten along with the fruit, and acids in the fruit help to hold in the vitamin C.

Most nutrition experts today would recommend a balanced diet containing elements of all foods, largely because of our need for sufficient vitamins. Vitamins were first called \'accessory food factors\' since it was discovered, in 1906, that most foods contain, besides carbohydrates, fats, minerals and water, these other substances necessary for health. The most common deficiencies in Western diets today are those of vitamins. The answer is variety in food. A well-balanced diet having sufficient amounts of milk, fruit, vegetables, eggs, and meat, fish or fowl (i.e. any good protein source) usually provides adequate minimum daily requirements of all the vitamins.

1. A strict vegetarian______.

(A) rarely eats animal products (B) sometimes eats eggs (C) never eats any animal products (D) never eats protein

2. We feel weak when we go without meat and other animal products______.

(A) because we are reducing our food intake (B) because we do not get enough protein (C)

because vegetables do not contain protein (D) unless we take plenty of exercise

3. Proteins are built up from______.

(A) approxmately twenty different foods (B) about twenty different vegetables (C) various fats and sugars (D) about twenty different amino-acids

4. Physiologically, life-long vegetarianism may not be good because______.

(A) it makes people very thin (B) the body must process too much waste (C) the farmers lose money (D) vitamin-dificiency diseases may result

5. One thing in favour of vegetarianism is that______.

(A) vegetable food is easier to digest (B) animal food is less expensive (C) vegetable food is cheaper (D) it is good for the digestion

6. The body\'s daily need for protein is ______.

(A) 90 grams (B) 50 grams (C) 70 grams (D) at least 100 grams

7. The digestive organs can comfortably deal with______.

(A) any quantity of food per day (B) less than 70 grams of food per day (C) a limited quantity of food per day (D) any amount of vegetable foods

8. Vegetarianism if not suitable for growing children because they______.

(A) need more protein than vegetables can supply (B) cannot digest vegetables (C) use more energe than adults (D) cannot easily digest milk and milk products

9. Slow and careful cooking of meat______.

(A) preserves the vitamins (B) breaks down the vitamins (C) makes it easier to digest (D) reduces the protein content

10. Most nutrition experts today believe the food we eat should contrain______.

(A) more meat than vegetables (B) more vegetables than meat (C) fruit, cereals and fish as well as meat and vegetables (D) as many different kinds of vegetables as possible

VII. Combine each group of sentences into one single sentence15%)

Model: The girl sat on the sidewalk.

The girl\'s back leaned against the wall of sa shop.

The girl looked at the new surroundings.

The girl had bright eyes.

The girl had rosy cheeks.

Her eyes were full of wonder and curiosity.

Answer: Sitting on the side walk, her back leaning the wal of a shop, the brighteyed, rosy-checked girl looked at the new surroundings, her eyes full of wonder and curiosity.

1. Only one American has ever fully recovered from a rabies attack.

He was a boy.

He was b years old.

He was from Ohio.

He recoveredin 1972.

2. Extinction is the fate of most species.

Most species fail to adapt rapidly enough.

The adaptation is to conditions of climate and competition that change.

3. Lingusts have too little knowledge of prehistoric people.

Linguists study the matter seriously.

Linguists are specialists in language.

4. The bass hadn\'t been biting.

The boys spent most of the morning.

They spent it talking.

They spent it occasionaly dozing off.

They dozed off to dream.

They dreamed of catching fish.

5. In some places hosts will appear at airports in the middle of the night.

They are there to meet even a casual acquaintance.

They put their car at the visitor\'s disposal.

They take days off.

They act as a guide.

All thi is evidence of tremendous generosity.

VIII. Translation(15%)

A. From English into Chinese:

A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps; for there is a companionship of books as well as of men; and one should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men.

A good book is often the best run(归宿) of a life enshrining (珍藏)the best that life could think out; for the world of a man\'s life is, for the most part, but the world of his thoughts. Thus the best books are treasuries of good words, the golden toughts, which, remembered and cherished, become our constant companions and comforters. \"They are never alone,\" sai Sir Philip Sidney, \"that are accompanied by noble thoughts.\" The good and true thought may in times of temptation be as an angel of mercy purifying and guarding the soul. It also enshrines the germs of action, for good words almost always inspire to good works.

B. From Chinese into English:



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