Summer is a great season. Patio weather, vacation time, BBQ, more BBQ. But sometimes, summer can kinda be a hot, sweaty drag. Luckily, many places have seasons that give us the ability to say hello hoodie weather. Here's some reasons you should be happy summer is almost over。我们都知道,夏天是个好季节:露天乘凉和度假的好时节,更有数不尽的野外烧烤。但毕竟夏天也是炎热的、让**汗的季节。幸运的是,很多地方都快迎来穿卫衣的凉爽秋天时节。下面这些是你为夏天快结束了应该感到高兴的理由。

  1. No more sweat 你不用再出汗了

  Let’s face it. Actually, on second thought, let’s not face it. Sweat is gross. Like, really gross. There’s nothing less refreshing than walking around with what feels like a water balloon burst in your underwear an hour ago but still hasn’t completely dried。面对现实吧!但思考过后,我们还是不要面对好了:流汗实在是太恶心了。浑身大汗还要到处走动,再没有比这更让人“提神”的了:那感觉就像一小时前内衣里有一个水球爆开了,但到现在却仍湿漉漉的。

  2. No More Mosquitos没有蚊子了

  Good thing winter is nature’s bug repellent. Because mosquitos are just terrible. They live because of our blood, these iny, itchy, blood-sucking vampire mooches. I don’t even know why they exist。冬天有一个好处就是它是自然界中的杀虫剂,因为蚊子实在太可怕了。它们靠我们的血而活,这些细小、令人发痒的吸血虫真讨厌。我不知道它们为什么会存在。

  3. You don’t have to make excuses about why you can’t go camping 你不必为不去野营编造借口了

  Camping is outdoors torture. Hey, yeah, let’s go sit outside where it’s really, oppressively hot, sweat a lot and eat things from cans while we try not to get eaten by bears. But we WILL feed our flesh to bugs because we don’t really have a choice. Yeah, sorry, guys, but I’m busy from now until mid-October。户外野营是一种折磨。让我们坐在闷热的户外流一身臭汗,吃着罐头里的东东,与此同时还要避免自己成为熊的美餐。但我们会喂饱各种虫子,因为我们真的别无选择。对不住各位了,从现在到十月中旬我都没空了。

  4. No more stench of steaming, melting garbage 不再有“臭气熏天”的垃圾臭味了

  The sun is great for lots of things: light keeping our planet alive. It’s also really good at taking something that already smells bad, and baking it until it smells like hot trash. But it's worse because it’s just everywhere. 对很多生物来讲太阳是很好的,太阳提供光源让我们的星球生存。但同样地,太阳也很擅长把已经闻起来臭臭的东西烘成很热腾腾的垃圾。更糟的是到处都有垃圾。

  5. Don’t have to feel guilty about being on the internet 不必为上网感到内疚

  Listen, it’s okay, we understand. The internet is way cooler than exercise, fresh air, and socializing. But, once winter comes around, it’s hyber-netting time! It’s cold and windy outside, time to sit by the fire and internet until next year。没事的我们都理解。比起运动锻炼、新鲜空气及与人交往,网络当然是帅气得多。但是一旦冬天临近,那就是超级网虫的时间了。外面又冷还刮风,是时候坐在火堆旁上上网了,一直上网到明年吧。

  6. Sayonara swimsuit anxiety和泳装焦虑症说再见

  Didn’t reach your ultimate beach body goal this summer? That’s okay, because it’ll be over soon and you don’t have to worry about swimsuits and your figure for the rest of the year! In fact, you don’t have to worry about bathing suits and overly crowded beaches。在这个夏天没有达到你最终的身材目标?没关系,因为这个夏天很快就过去了,在剩下的时间里,你也不必担心泳装和身材的问题。实际上,你不必担心的问题除了泳衣还有过度拥挤的沙滩。

  7. No more menial summer job不用再做廉价暑期工

  Summer is great, while summer jobs are not so much. Say goodbye to retail, flippin’ burgers or serving ice-cream to jerk kids, whatever you crazy kids do these day for money. Back to the grind, homework, tests, wait, all of these things suck, too。夏天很不错,但暑假工就没这么好了。不管你们是做什么来赚钱,向零售、烙牛肉饼和向讨厌的小朋友卖冰淇淋这些零碎工作说再见吧。回归老生活,做作业、考试... 等等!这些事儿也同样令人讨厌啊!

  8. Pretty much every T.V. show and sport is back on各大电视台各档节目和各项体育赛事回归

  SNL, Family Guy, Modern Family, whatever it is you watch, it’s back on come fall. I mean, unless you’re into True Blood. So grab your internet, camp out in front of the tv, and brace yourselves: winter is coming。《周六夜现场》、《恶搞之家》、《摩登家庭》,不管你看的是哪一档节目,在秋季它们都会回归(当然也许你爱看的是《真爱如血》)。重拾你的兴趣,在电视机前“安营扎寨”,抱着自己说:冬天来了